The iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) is more than a century old, but NTT has transformed it into a connected venue of the future. With the Indianapolis 500 drawing more than 300,000 spectators on race day, it is the highest capacity sports attraction in the world. And with smart tech solutions, we bring the physical space and fan experience closer.

Through a new app, IMS staff can better manage any event taking place there, be it a marquee race or a sold-out concert, including access to real-time information and predictive analytics on crowd size, wait times, traffic congestion and more, using digital twin technology.

What Makes a Smart Venue?

It’s all about insights—from delivering operational awareness to enhancing the fan safety. It’s about improving security and public safety. At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, it means:

  • Crowd and traffic monitoring including real-time analysis and alerting
  • Crowd numbers or congestion insight for specific gates and tunnels using predictive analytics
  • Faster response times to potential issues and risks
  • Data-driven decision making for personnel

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INDYCAR, Accelerated

NTT worked with INDYCAR to rethink onboard race car technology. We envisioned a smarter car that would consolidate data streams, improve the fan experience, boost on-track safety, and better utilizes on-board telemetry. Today, every car competing is equipped with more than 140 sensor channels that generate more than a billion data points combined each race weekend. For the fans, insightful telemetry readings from their favorite drivers are accessed via the INDYCAR Mobile App powered by NTT DATA.

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