Embrace change. Unleash innovation. Transform.

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, change isn't just a constant, but a driving force that can make or break businesses. As technology leaders, we find ourselves navigating through paradigm shifts, digital transformations and disruptive innovations.

Change causes stress in organizations, causing employees to delay action while they identify how to adjust and adapt. We all have built-in muscle memory that we must overcome to effectively shift to new and better approaches.

While most organizations have many of the foundational and domain components they need, they’re quite literally spread all over the place, and hidden among a bunch of rigidly interconnected integrated systems.

What if you could implement a structure to absorb change and move faster — more effectively — within the constantly changing landscape? Looking at your business itself as a platform can be a mechanism for you to harness change as a driving force to power innovation in your organization on an ongoing basis.

Discover the power of the of the frictionless framework

The frictionless enterprise framework

A frictionless enterprise framework is about having a structure in place to be able to absorb change. By incorporating the advancements of the past two decades, this framework offers a comprehensive approach to visualize, categorize, and evolve technology portfolios. Its guiding principles serve as the foundation for the organization, enabling both business and technology leaders to focus on strategic differentiation while effectively managing technical debt inherent in all enterprises. Embracing the Frictionless Enterprise framework empowers companies to adopt and leverage the power of change for sustained growth and success.

the frictionless enterprise pyramid

The foundation

At the base of the framework are the cross-cutting best practices that are fundamental to any organization’s ability to operate efficiently. Don’t spend time recreating the wheel when you can harness the power of these well-known industry table stakes.

Generic and supporting capabilities

Similar to foundational best practices, these additional capabilities are important to have in place because they either have a high level of reuse or they're unique to your business. But even though important, they aren't strategic, so implement them for operational efficiency and keep them running smoothly.

Design-led digital experiences

These digital experiences make people want to work with you and use your product. These can have a critical business impact and even create new revenue streams for your business.

Digital products core domain

This is about encapsulating and protecting your core business. It’s where you put most of your investment and can create the most differentiation.

Sustained innovation

With this framework, your business can begin operating in a way that allows you to put time and energy into big ideas that'll set you apart and create continuous growth. Here you're able to focus on the ideas, build them and bring them to market quickly and cost effectively.

Turning obstacles into opportunities

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The Business platform

The power of the business platform paradigm is thinking about your technology strategically in terms of your business and not the other way around. Your business itself can become a platform. The core capabilities that run the business, as well as those special sauce pieces — that’s your magic. Those are things that you can expose as services to your product teams.

Take the friction out of the process by focusing on self-service, solid contracts and you have a lot of automation to support your teams. While all teams want to move fast, the truth is that fast works best when things are smooth. Take the friction out so that your teams can operate smoothly. Focus on smooth and fast will follow. 

Find out who benefits from the frictionless enterprise

Chief Architect

I want it to be easy to change, swap out technologies and modernize.


I want to build and operate what's going to make money faster with a lower TCO.


I want to drive down IT costs at my enterprise with guaranteed ROI and no surprises.

Chief Digital Officer

I don't want to be at the mercy of IT to get all the cool stuff and features that I want.

Tech Leader

I want to get digital products into the hands of user and attract and retain talent.

When you successfully harness the power of an ever-changing environment, you can propel continuous momentum and foster perpetual innovation.

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