When you work with us, you capitalize on our knowledge of industry best practices from top healthcare organizations and our decades of experience working with the federal government to implement innovative IT solutions.

Learn how our team maintains the IT infrastructure that supports responses to public health crises and modernizes systems and applications to save agencies as much as 70% in operational costs. We also help you streamline complex processes to improve citizen experience when accessing care. And we connect and secure health data to ensure optimal outcomes.

Technology can be a catalyst for breakthroughs. Together, we can change lives.

When IT Means So Much More

As the CDC’s primary enterprise-wide IT solutions provider, our staff supports:

25,000+ End users
40,000+ Client devices
35+ Countries

Nos services

Remedies for better citizen experiences

Improving CX is critical to making sure citizens can access the services they need in a timely manner, without being overwhelmed or frustrated.

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