What can cloud do for your agency?


Reduction in ongoing infrastructure costs

Access applications from anywhere at anytime to accommodate your hybrid workforce.

Secure applications in the cloud and take advantage of platform for digital innovation and operational excellence.

Reduce application deployment time from weeks to hours to achieve agency goals and meet citizens’ needs.

Nous entretenons des partenariats de premier plan avec tous les principaux fournisseurs de cloud conformes à FedRAMP.

How we move workloads to the cloud 

Rehosting: Unlock immediate savings in hardware costs and software licensing fees and realize higher uptime, lower maintenance, better performance and labor savings.

Recoding & Rewriting: Retire mainframes, eliminate expensive software license fees and implement a more modern architecture.

Re-architecting: Take full advantage of cloud native benefits such as security, scalability and speed by re architecting. Maximize the inherent cost savings of cloud and provides a platform for digital innovation and operational excellence.

Agencies can launch a two part strategy that begins with lift and shift to economize and realize savings, and then uses those savings to incrementally fund re-engineering initiatives.

AWS mainframe migration

NTT DATA is one of only a handful of companies that can take your agency from mainframe to cloud. AWS has recognized this competency, making us are a trusted partner for migration.

Cloud de niveau supérieur pour le gouvernement

Le passage au cloud n’a rien de nouveau, mais où en sont les agences dans leur stratégie?

Regardez ce webinaire pour obtenir des informations sur :

  • L’Agence de gestion du cloud d’entreprise de l’armée américaine
  • L’Agence des États-Unis pour le développement international
  • La Food and Drug Administration

Contenu en vedette

How to reach the cloud

Issues moving to the cloud? Skills deficit? Budget concerns? Technical debt?

Hybrid infrastructure expert and NTT DATA’s VP of Strategy, Joe Kyle, answers pressing questions about how to overcome these obstacles.

A multi-cloud strategy

Agencies may need more than one cloud to provide optimal services. It’s important that your agency’s multi cloud strategy aligns with the organizational goals and considers the overall IT ecosystem.

Joe Kyle, NTT DATA’s VP of Strategy, explains the benefits and challenges of adopting a multi cloud environment.