Digital human

Service With a Smile: Introducing the Digital Human

Accessible anywhere, on any device. Digital humans are cloud rendered and available on any internet-connected device

  • Conversations are a breeze; interruptions are eliminated with engaging customer interaction through advanced microphone technology with high-quality natural voice interaction
  • Ensure privacy. Digital humans use a combination of camera and microphone to ensure they listen only when customers are actively speaking to them
  • Always patient, never stressed. The digital human is empathetic, positive and provides a consistent positive interaction every time.
  • Memory equipped. Once customers share something about themselves and their preferences, digital humans will remember it the next time a customer interacts with them
  • Mirror communication styles. Digital humans know the difference between a cheery message and a serious message, and will utilize facial expressions that match the mood
  • Get a smile back. Digital humans can see if customers look happy, sad or angry, and respond with a suitable expression
  • Improve Customer Experience with Our Digital Human

    Create an emotional connection by combining machine learning, speech recognition, natural language processing and conversational AI.

    Noel Hara

    Digital humans create an emotional connection way beyond a standard chatbot. A digital human is conversational, responding in a natural manner, with patience, in real time. They can even provide onscreen guides and videos to help engage with the user.

    Noel Hara, CTO, Public Sector

    Benefits of the Digital Human Platform

    Human Platform Implementation for Veijle Municipality

    Vejle Municipality wanted to do something extra for their large-scale Tour de France 2022 event. Wotj stage three of the prestigious race starting in Vejle, and they onboarded a digital human, Victoria. Along with the rest of the tourist office team, she will be answering questions from visitors in the period leading up to the event. After the Tour de France, Victoria will trade in her jersey for a VisitVejle shirt to assume a permanent position as a guide at the tourist office.