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Improving the speed, adoption and impact of your transformation

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The Message Is Clear

There’s a perceived communication gap among boomers, Generations X and Y and most recently, Gen Z. Technology doesn’t have to be a hurdle; it can unite employees of all ages, making communication and collaboration better than ever.


Optimise Your Speed to Value

Change is inevitable, but it’s often accompanied by a temporary loss of organisational effectiveness. Introducing new business processes or other digitally driven change impacts your entire organisation. You can minimise disruption by taking a disciplined approach that focuses on the motivational, capacity and performance factors of your workforce, enhancing the speed, adoption and sustainability of business transformation. We can help. Our Organisational Change Management (OCM) services help ensure that your change has direction, focus and a common vision.

A holistic approach, delivered with the help of our highly skilled professionals, improves communications, training and governance while boosting productivity during transformation. Our leadership and tactical delivery services focus on organisational adoption, stakeholder management, communications and training to support large-scale transformation programs. Get the right mix of OCM advisory, implementation and staff augmentation services with NTT DATA. Let’s start the conversation today.

Enhance Engagement Before, During and After Change

Our expert guidance and analysis will help manage your transformation program. We can also supplement your internal communications and provide best practices.


Roadmap strategy, communication and engagement, training, deliver an end-to-end view


Reusable intellectual property (IP) and OCM templates speed up adoption, improve ROI


Advisory services, implementation support, staff augmentation lead to successful adoption

There’s always a temporary loss of organisational effectiveness that accompanies any significant change. We can help you minimise it.

Our Services

Advisory Services

Accelerate and enhance adoption timelines with best practices, thought leadership, coaching services and IP to support your internal OCM group.

Implementation Support

Ensure a seamless transition with OCM leadership and tactical delivery services focused on organisational adoption, stakeholder management, communications and training.

Staff Augmentation

Supplement your current staff and get help when and where you need it with short- or long-term OCM expertise.