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A staggering 50% of organizations experienced a malware attack in 2021, and ransomware attacks have risen 240% in just two years. In addition, attack volumes increased for seven of the top 10 most targeted industries.

Our Global Threat Intelligence research has once again identified the new and shifting cyber threats that expose and broaden the attack surfaces of enterprises across the global threat landscape.

Unsurprisingly, COVID-19 played an integral role in this increase, as organizations and individuals scrambled to adapt to forced, unpredictable new norms. In addition, supply chain disruptions affecting business continuity, and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict exposed and expanded new attack vectors and surfaces.

Key Highlights

Attacks shifted to critical infrastructure and supply chains, more than doubling in the technology, telecommunications, and transport and distribution sectors.

Cloud migration is shaping global attacks. The percentage of web-application and application-specific attacks continued to rise, accounting for 72% of all attacks.

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Diversifying target scope and attack intensity. On average, a new vulnerability was registered every 24 minutes in 2021.

Trojan deployments soared as botnets re-emerged. Trojans accounted for 65% of malware in 2021, up from 35% a year earlier, followed by botnets (11%).

Ransomware prevalence is impacting business continuity, with a 240% growth in ransomware incident response engagements over the past 24 months.

Almost 22,000 new vulnerabilities were published in 2021. And Web-application and application-specific attacks combined to account for 72%.

  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing

of all attacks

Cyberattacks in the technology sector doubled, making it the most targeted industry in 2021—even though many assume the industry should have the strongest security postures.

of all attacks

Although down from the top spot last year, financial services was still the second-most attacked industry in 2021, as cybercriminals’ longstanding attempts to secure account logins, social security numbers and personal information continued.

of all attacks

Manufacturing remained a leading target in 2021. With global challenges affecting supply chains, manufacturers’ efforts to address issues unknowingly broadened their attack surface and ushered in new exposed vectors.

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