Our world is spinning. Demands for real-time information are increasing. Seemingly endless data sources clutter the path to clear answers. To navigate business forward, you must have data that delivers. NTT DATA is helping our clients maximize their data through our proprietary NTT Smart Solutions.

We show clients how to put their data to work – quickly, effectively, securely. Our platform can “think” and access multiple data sources, perceive current conditions, plan, decide and act on those conditions – leading the way to smarter decisions.

Let’s get down to business. Put your data to work today.

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The fabled Indianapolis Motor Speedway may be more than a century old, but NTT transformed it, one of the world’s largest sports facilities, into a smart venue. Using an innovative new app, IMS staff have access real-time information on crowd size, wait times, security information and more — bringing a new sense of security and efficiency to any event hosted by the venue.

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