Having trusted and accessible information across your organization helps you better navigate uncertainty and create incredible possibilities with your customers, employees and partners.

Becoming data-driven is critical for real-time, insight-driven decisions and automated actions to accelerate time to market, reduce costs and support sustainable growth. Focusing on these five areas can help your organization unleash the power of your data and become a data-driven enterprise:

  • Accelerate business insights for decision-making
  • Syndicate data throughout the enterprise
  • Leverage governance to enable data confidence
  • Optimize actions with human-machine partnership
  • Achieve data excellence through culture and operations

Build a data foundation to unleash the power of data

Data impacts the bottom line. In fact, customer, constituent and patient data emerged as the #1 generator of value according to our recent research report, Innovation Index. But less than half of these organizations said they were fully confident of using it for decision-making. Organizations are data rich, yet information poor. Most struggle with getting actionable insights into the hands of their business users effectively and efficiently. Whether it’s the high cost of technology, complex tools and processes, or lack of skills or barriers to data discovery, the struggle is real.

However, by leveraging all relevant data points to ensure accuracy and traceability, organizations can accelerate business insights for decision-making. By ensuring data is integrated and processed rapidly for meaningful insights, they can empower front-line workers with information for educated and faster decisions, enabling personalization to improve customer experiences. for example, or automating particular tasks to improve business processes. Driven by data insights, organizations can go from incoherent information to business insights that yield true value.

Value of Data Analytics and Insights to Your Organization:

  • Uncover impactful insights and create reports that become value drivers across the organization
  • Make real-time, confident and accurate decisions with data integrated into every layer of the decision process
  • Expand predictive and prescriptive insights that go from "what happened?” to “why?” or even “what could happen?”

Understand the data-AI connection before you invest

With the rise of generative AI and research results such as 93% of executives expecting AI to be in common use within the next two years, it’s becoming imperative for organizations to optimize human-machine collaboration.

While humans are great creating and innovating, machines are proficient at processing data and quick at learning. Blending human ingenuity with machine intelligence could create enterprise efficiency, reduce errors and costs and create true value for the organization.

Humans and machines working together can radically improve decision-making and drive business outcomes, leading to better results; however, careful investment in technology, policies, processes and procedures will be required to achieve the organization’s desired goals.

Value of Automation to Your Organization:

  • Smart use of resources, whether human or machine, can decrease the amount of time it takes to implement new technologies or introduce new products
  • Improved core business capabilities and operational efficiency offer better customer experiences
  • Achieve 30-40% optimization improvement and cost savings

How can leaders zero in on the right AI investments for their organizations?

Hear from Wendy Collins, chief AI officer, on how to identify AI investments that can deliver real business value to your organization.

Simplify AI Complexity to Generate Value

Organizations want to jump right into AI. But artificial intelligence initiatives can be challenging given the market hype about GenAI and the speed of technology innovation. The stakes are high, and the pressure is on to launch and/or accelerate AI initiatives that generate value. The key is simplifying AI’s complexity by focusing on three fundamental success factors:

  • AI strategy. Align your AI strategy with your business strategy. If you are talking to investors or shareholders about increasing profitability or white space business model opportunities, then that's what your AI strategy needs to focus on as well.
  • Business use-cases. Focus on identifying high-value business use cases and creating accelerated pathways for moving from POCs to real-world solutions that increase measurable value.
  • Data is the foundation. Make data strategy the bedrock of your AI initiative. Because without a coherent data foundation in place, you won’t be able to bring even your highest-value use cases to fruition.

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