Technology Transformation for Government Health Initiatives

Recent events have highlighted the importance of effective public health in our communities. Preventing disease, promoting health, and prolonging life remain paramount priorities in our support of the public health mission across government. We know that public health emergencies don’t wait, which is why we remain committed to supporting the critical work that our public health partners do every hour, of every day. For each crucial moment and essential service, we are proud to be your partner for public health IT, and we're excited to extend the capabilities of our public health team with the acquisition of NETE.

In a changing world, public health demands reliable IT. Our deep commercial experience in healthcare and demonstrated delivery success across health and human services result in a unique perspective for improving IT infrastructure and services. Our expertise spans the vast intricacies of the healthcare journey while embracing the evolving frontiers of telework, research and information technology. We welcome the changing dynamic, while acquiring and applying knowledge from the valuable lessons learned across our many clients. Our dedicated, talented teams deliver vital IT services and support across public health from the Centers for Disease Control to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NTT DATA proudly supports the public health mission.

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Building a Future Government

Digital is here to stay. In this “Keeping It Brief” podcast, Public Sector President Tim Conway discusses disruptive technology, the impact of big data and securing data from source to the cloud. He shares his insight about the essential building blocks to a future government with FedHealthIT.


Our Services

Citizen Experience User Interface

Connect citizens to vital services and information through intuitive, easily navigable applications and websites.


Cloud for Government

Get end-to-end solutions to transform your cloud strategy—from deployments, to cloud integration, brokerage and engineered technology stacks.


Cybersecurity Services for Government

Ensure integrity and security for data, systems, networks, and informed information security policy guidance and training.


Data Intelligence & Automation

Make the most of your data with advanced analytics and automation, actionable intelligence and data driven decision making.


Digital Operations

Combine cutting-edge solutions and applications with thoughtful modernization to improve operations and provide unprecedented insights and opportunities.

Dynamic Workplace

Deliver user-centric digital solutions and interfaces across multiple platforms that drive efficiencies and maximize customer experience.

Grants Management & Reporting

Develop and prepare the federal grant reporting process, ensuring compliance with FSRS guidelines.


Hybrid Infrastructure Services

Optimize and scale your infrastructure to maximize your cloud and data center investments.


Modernizing at Mission Speed

Prepare for the future by updating outdated legacy systems and applications.


Enable global biomedical research, collaboration, reporting, funding and support for the prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and disabilities.

State Health Consulting & Advisory

Execute IT strategy, planning and project management for large-scale HHS and Medicaid-related IT transformation programs.

Web Design

Maintain and enhance your web identity while we apply U.S. web design standards, create visual appeal and design for flexibility and usability to showcase agency benefits.

We’re Expanding in Federal Health IT

In a changing world, public health demands reliable IT. For each crucial
moment and essential service, we are proud to be your partner for public
health IT, and we're excited to extend the capabilities of our public
health team with the acquisition of NETE. The addition of such a
dedicated, talented team of individuals will enhance services
to our many public health clients.


“All of you have done an absolutely incredible job over the last three weeks helping an institute of over 4,600 people to shift to telework. In that timeframe, you have handled over 7,200 tickets, prepared almost 300 laptops, and trained over 100 people. You play a critical role in the global fight against COVID-19, ensuring that the staff of NIAID have access to the crucial IT resources they need to develop a vaccine and treatment. The leadership and staff of NIAID are truly grateful for the support you provide. Thank you.”

Chris Ohlandt­
National Institute of Health
Office of Cyber Infrastructure and Computational Biology
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease