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Engage Citizens with Intuitive UX/UI

A well-designed user interface provides a vital link between citizens and government. An intuitive user experience can be the difference between effective dissemination of information and frustration and confusion. Across the public sector and public health communities our experienced design team delivers UI and UX capabilities with citizens at the forefront. Agility and scalability are built into each website or application. We carefully consider navigation and accessibility so citizens can quickly access information and enjoy a positive exchange with government. Enhancements to the user interface and experience use our human-centered, collaborative design philosophy. Our blended team approach leverages expanding technologies, like Drupal, UiPath, and Dynamics 365, and work within defined budgets and timelines.

Every citizen experience engagement is built on a foundation of proven best practices, easy collaboration and seamless consistency. Our step-by-step process leverages thoughtful visualizations and animations to guide a user through key information and insights – without overwhelming. We continually test and improve the environment to evolve and optimize the interface. We consider every detail, to uncover new insights, pinpoint needs and enhance designs across your organization which is why we are the partner of choice for top public health organizations like the National Institute of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. Discover a new way to connect with citizens.

Design the Ultimate User Experience

Our proven UI/UX method combines user research, analyzes existing interfaces, applies rapid prototyping and upholds best practices to create a successful user-first strategy.


Work with a team of experts to create an unmatched citizen experience, increase your online footprint and test your usability.


Develop your digital and agency identity, enhance your brand recognition, and integrate new ideas to bolster your impact.


Reimagine your digital presence, with striking visuals and rebranding activities.


Track website success and optimize analytics to drive more traffic to your site and increase usability within.

NTT DATA is a recognized leader in UX/UI services by leading global analyst firm NelsonHall. – May 2019

Our Services

508 Compliance

Create content that is accessible to all by relying on the guidance of our expert team.


Make informed decisions, improvements, and design choices using analytics and engagement data.

Citizen Experience Design

Develop the best experience for your audience by taking full advantage of our experienced design team.

Interactive Infographics

Leverage infographics and pictorial design to improve the overall engagement and interaction of your digital audience.

Rapid Prototyping

Determine the viability of the user experience by validating the interface with users and stakeholders.

Usability Testing

Determine the best, most intuitive way to present your content for navigation and engagement.