State of Texas: Department of Information Resources

State of Texas: Department of Information Resources

DBITS: Deliverables-Based IT Services Contract DIR-CPO-4928

NTT DATA holds several contracts with the State of Texas through the Department of Information Resources DIR Cooperative Contracts Program.


This DIR Cooperative Contracts Program allows customers to purchase items directly from a DIR-contracted vendor. Customers contact the vendor for product and pricing information. They also send their purchase orders, with the DIR contract number, and payments directly to the DIR Cooperative Contracts Program vendor, not to DIR. This streamlines the order process so customers receive their products/services quickly. DBITS is a DIR Cooperative Contracts Program contract, so you can go directly to us for your turn-key projects.

Services Offered

  • Application Services
    • Lifecycle Support
    • Transformation and Transition
    • Maintenance and Support
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • Business Process Re-engineering
    • Conversions
    • Training
    • Organizational Change Management
    • Maintenance and Operations
  • Data Management
    • Data Migration
    • Analytics and Reporting
    • Architecture and Design
    • Performance Engineering
  • Independent Verification and Validation
  • IT Assessments/Planning
  • Program and Project Management
  • Technology Migration/Upgrade

Service Specifications

Application Services

NTT DATA offers a full suite of application services from business analysis and requirements elicitation to application development, testing and deployment, as well as post-deployment maintenance and support. With over 50 years of public sector experience, we can help you increase productivity, maximize efficiencies and achieve a simplified, standardized and future-ready enterprise application environment on time and on budget.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

NTT DATA provides full-service ERP capabilities in Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, MS Dynamics, and other leading ERP packages. We understand the relationship between process, people, and technology while leveraging disruptive technologies, eliminating the siloed approach to solution delivery. NTT DATA works with you to understand your organization’s short- and long-term goals, then follows through with trusted advice on ERP strategy and change management requirements, as well as business process reengineering & transformation to help you improve organizational efficiency and achieve key business objectives efficiently.

Data Management

NTT DATA’s cross-industry expertise in data management and data migration, a defined set of processes, methodologies and tools provide an array of services, capable of answering your agency’s data management needs. Examples of included services: solutioning data warehouse architectural design, data warehouse processes and sourcing, extraction, transformation, analytics, and loading of data sources; planning, assessment, product installation and tuning; prototype development, deployment, data cleansing, data mart development and support; data migration, integration with data mining; development of data lakes and integration with business intelligence tools, artificial intelligence, and/or systems; data scrubbing; data transformation; training and knowledge transfer.

Independent Verification and Validation

NTT DATA maintains a separate entity organization that specializes in providing Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V). We provide reliable, established processes and tools that meet the objectives of enterprise technology projects helping to minimize risk and maximize quality. A proactive approach ensures that the objectives and requirements of the project investments are met. Our Services can help your organization increase team productivity and reduce the costs of development by eliminating or minimizing the risk of rework. Our IV&V Advantage approach supports program, project, and solution quality and the conformance to IV&V processes and standards that help guide the successful implementation of enterprise technology solutions. We employ best practices in Verification and validation, risk management, process and product assessment; providing the guidance and tools necessary to help organizations attain their strategy and objectives with success.

IT Assessments/Planning

NTT DATA offers a wide array of strategic offerings, supported by subject matter experts that are well versed in providing support to your IT Assessments/Planning needs. These offerings include conducting assessments of IT effectiveness, assisting in defining business missions, strategic IT planning, and development of architectural roadmaps and actionable plans. Our services also extend into providing auditing of IT efficiencies related to governance processes and procedures as well as assessing architectures, either in-place or planned, in correlation with strategic goals and identifying risks and remediation of identified weaknesses. NTT DATA also offers services to support requirements involving Organization Change Management (OCM), cloud readiness, and network performance assessments.

Program and Project Management

As one of the world’s largest System Integrators, NTT DATA has amassed over 50 years of Project and Program Management and is a recognized leader in training state and federal agencies in how to successfully adopt and integrate agile methodologies into their IT strategies. Our services include applying the best practices and principles of project management processes identified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) as published in the most recent edition of the PMBOK® Guide, including practice guides such as Agile and Managing Change in Organizations in our solution deliveries. We will work with you to maximize the efficiencies found in your existing IT investments, in collaboration with our proprietary tools and processes, which when combined help to ensure that the end results meet or exceed business expectations in terms of timeliness, quality and costs.

Additional service offerings available, include:

  • Business case development
  • Impact analysis
  • Cost to benefit analysis
  • Risk Assessment
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Agile development, training, coaching.

Technology Migration/Upgrade

Technology Upgrade/Migration may be required to increase business functionality, reengineer a business function, keep current with vendor upgrades or when upgrading existing technology. Technology transformation may be accomplished by converting/migrating legacy applications to new technology either with or without new business functionality or it may include introducing new technology into the enterprise. Technology Upgrade/Migration may also include providing website content accessibility compliance.

Examples of included services: Assessments of the current application portfolio, evaluation of the technology assets before beginning technology transformation and Business Case development for justification of an initiative. Also included are: Technology transformations, which may include cloud readiness assessments, cloud transformation planning and execution, as well as appropriate Return on Investment (ROI), benchmarks and milestones. The following support activities may also be included: planning, analysis, requirements development, proof of concept, deployment, implementation, integration, remediation, data migration, documentation, application programming and support services; and training support.


Instructions For Obtaining Quotes & Placing Purchase Order
1. A customer identifies a need for deliverables-based services within one of the Deliverables-Based IT Services Contracts Services Offered.
2. Customer creates a Statement of Work (SOW) for release to vendor(s). The SOW must be complete, signed by an authorized representative of Customer.
3. The SOW must be in the form contained in Appendix C – Statement of Work.
4. The Customer sends the Statement of Work to NTT Data Contact Person for that Service Offering.
5. NTT Data submits a Response to the Statement of Work with fixed prices based on deliverables.
6. Once the Customer selects NTT Data, they simply issue a Purchase Order to NTT Data referencing the DBITS contract number and the project can begin upon acceptance of the Purchase Order. Each Statement of Work will describe the deliverables, the acceptance criteria for the deliverables and the service levels.

NTT DATA Contact Information

Michael Kreager

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DIR Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Cooperative Contracts program

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