Offering Details

Our transformative SAP application management service is driven by our Automation 6X framework. It includes an enterprise landscape dashboard for comprehensive monitoring and virtual engineer-driven operations, process optimization, data quality and visibility, continuous development, integration and testing automation as well as accelerators for enhancements and changes. Our application lifecycle management and end-user relationship improvement are enhanced by our design-thinking automation and real-time customer feedback capture. Our repository of award-winning, native platform tools and accelerators are utilized across the lifecycle of projects in the SAP environment for upgrade, service packs, enhancement packs and performance optimization. Our UptimizerSM: Accelerator for ECC and S/4 Upgrades reduces upgrade effort by 30 percent, while our QCertifierSM improves code quality and performance certification. Additionally, we have a plethora of tools to increase code optimization and performance by up to 30 percent; support and enhancement packs to dramatically reduce testing time; and SAP data archiving accelerators to reduce realization effort by up to 40 percent. Our next generation tools bring automation and analytics into your AMS operation and reduce application run cost with a “know your data” approach. Our tools include incident navigators, portfolio analyzers, automation platforms for L1 incidents, knowledge transfer accelerators and service level agreement managers to measure and track performance.

We have 58 delivery centres in 28 countries, providing SAP application services in all regions.

Key Benefits

Our SAP Application Management Services significantly reduce application run costs while providing a self-funding mechanism for digital modernization.

  • Eliminate over 70% run labour through service optimisation, automation and portfolio consolidation 
  • Leverage tools and accelerators to reduce the time required to transition 
  • Increase employee satisfaction and change adoption through organizational change management
  • Employ DevOps, flexible, cost-competitive resource models to support your evolving needs 
  • Realize cost and labour savings through Testing as a Service 
  • Accelerate transition, and reduce reliance on client or incumbent SMEs 
  • Replace human resources with self-directed automation for savings and efficiency
  • Ensure that change is fully adopted by the organization with Organizational Change Management 
  • Measure user sentiment with our Emotion Centric Orientation to assist in decision-making 
  • Visualize your end-to-end application management solution in our Collaboration Centre

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