safety image app

The Scenario

With an eye on continuously improving the customer experience, the company strove to modernize its First Aid & Safety app from 3G to 4G. That meant leveraging existing investments in SAP Mobile Platform—and putting the user experience first.

The Solution

We started by assessing the app’s existing architecture and drew a blueprint for the future. Then, our experience design experts collaborated in creating journey maps, mental models and empathy maps to clarify user needs. The engineering team took it from there, developing a native android app on the SAP Cloud Platform that checked all the boxes.

The Results

  • The app, which includes offline capabilities, simplified user experience and boosted productivity
  • Intuitive, fast, and feature-rich, the tool offers a new opportunity to deliver the great customer service the company is known for
  • What’s more, the company’s field employees love it

safety image app