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At NTT DATA, our deep industry knowledge spans the globe. Our clients have come to count on us to help strategise, implement and manage game-changing technologies. For those in electronics and high tech – a world where last year’s popular tech product is this year’s commodity item – we help keep innovation flowing. Our entertainment solutions help you find ways to prioritise data, roll out technology faster, transform the infrastructure and deliver customized user experience across any platform, anytime and anywhere.

Our full range of IT solutions for telecom and media companies offer a strong foundation in digital integration and services management, and we can help you modernise business processes, adopt predictive analytics and develop a unified customer strategy across digital channels. We take pride in our growing list of industry clients, and want to help you forge a bright future and gain a competitive advantage. Let’s start the conversation.

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MultiLing Expands Cloud-Based Communications

By replacing proprietary and open-source communications tools with a more reliable and scalable solution, the company increased efficiency and improved customer service with cloud- based unified communications.

Our Services

Customer Experience

Put people at the center of everything you do with our human-centered approach to strategy, design and digital implementation.


Data Intelligence & Automation

Reveal actionable insights for field representatives and customers and discover how data and analytics work together to improve performance.


Journey to the Cloud

Leverage established and emerging technologies to create cost efficiency and automation to foster innovation, operational efficiency and speed.



Tackle one of the biggest risks facing businesses by securing systems with a simplified, standardized, future-ready enterprise security environment.

Grupo Acir

Grupo Acir connects with millions through digital transformation.


Technology is no longer simply a business enabler; it is the driver of unprecedented business innovation.