This voice-enabled Amazon Alexa skill gives loan officers an easy, interactive way to stay informed on the status of their clients’ home loans.

alexa conversation screen grab

The Scenario

In a highly competitive housing market, a banking company saw the need for an interactive solution to keep loan officers apprised of changes and updates in the home loan verification process.

The Solution

We designed and developed a voice-enabled Amazon Alexa skill so loan officers can request the status of a current loan application. Now they can make inquiries with a simple voice command at home and on the road. It’s secure, too, with a PIN-based voice authentication mechanism and In-app cards for deeper level interactions.

The Results

  • Through the familiar voice of Alexa, this new tool makes the company an innovation leader in the mortgage space
  • For customers, the skill creates flexibility and longevity in the loan application process
  • Multi-faceted search paths accommodate individual preferences and meet expectations of users everywhere

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