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The Scenario

For one insurance company, an outdated portal made managing customer policies and accounts frustrating and slow. With data stored in multiple back-end systems, the system was inefficient for agents and lacked functionally for customers—a situation ripe for the fixing.

The Solution

We used NCP, our modular insurance platform, to integrate and merge data from back-end systems and build the foundation of a powerful, intuitive customer and agent portal. Because NCP can be used as the back end, the front end, an integration point— or all three—the solution saves time, cuts cost and transforms the user experience on both sides.

The Results

  • Agents access a faster, more detailed view of customer information, eliminating the exasperation of managing policy information stored in multiple places
  • Customers log on to a streamlined portal to view policy details and make payments with a new sense of confidence
  • All of this was developed and live within a few short weeks, making the transition practically seamless

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