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Our CUE2 methodology takes software development a step ahead of waterfall and agile practices. In traditional software development, the functional owner owns the entire process and user feedback can be limited to a finite user group. In our CUE2 approach, the process is disenfranchised and all users are co-owners in providing feedback. Our CUE2 methodology ensures divergent and multiple views are integrated harmoniously into the software development process

To enable strategic outcomes, the CUE2 process follows three phases — Inspire, Ideate and Implement. Strategic objectives such as transformation and automation are set in the Inspire phase. The Ideate phase focuses on breaking down the larger strategy into smaller achievable goals. These smaller goals are manifested in the form of requirement specifications, user-stories, use-cases, features backlog, etc. and fed into the Implement phase where coding, testing, deployment and monitoring is performed.

Our ECO Toolkit enables continuous application user feedback. User feedback can be given anonymously or with a user’s profile information along with a micro-sentiment icon to emphasize a user’s emotions at that instance. These emotions are translated into a number and fed back into this system used by the feedback analysis engine. This ensures that all the requirements for an exemplary user experience are captured at all phases of the project development lifecycle and beyond.

Our CUE2 methodology combines the best of agile and DevOps processes with a focus on the application end user for a digital competitive edge.

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