Offering Details

NTT DATA’s Group Enrollment Marketplace solution offers an omni-channel platform providing full cycle quote, enrollment, and post-enrollment functionality. The goal of our solution is to create an engaging experience for members throughout

the lifecycle of their healthcare journey and is built upon a robust and a sophisticated rules engine. The solution is multi-carrier-enabled and capable of hosting insurance products including medical, dental, vision, life, critical

illness, disability product lines and non-insurance products. The components of the solution may be implemented as a complete suite or implemented in optional and incremental modules depending on client needs.

IDC named us a top five leaders in Omni-Channel Engagement Services” in its MarketScape report. — March 2017.

Key Benefits

NTT DATA simplifies the process of enrolling employees in group benefits with the right tools to generate personalized health plan options – all while providing employers with a full view of total costs.

  • Benefits administrators can review and approve broker-prepared employee benefits quotes submitted.  
  • HR professionals can review and submit life change events submitted by employees. 
  • Enables employers to pay binder payments and ongoing premium payments.  
  • Self-service tools for employees to reduce the administrative burden on benefits administration staff.  
  • Guided employee plan selection process with decision support tools to determine the best plans combining benefits, out-of-pocket costs, and total premiums.  
  • Employers can submit life events, make enrollment changes or grant the employee a special enrollment period  
  • Supports multiple group product types, including medical, dental, vision, life as and non-insurance products.
  • Supports multiple employer contribution strategies including defined benefits and defined contribution and combinations of both.

The right tools help you simplify the process of enrolling employees in group benefits and generate personalized health plan options.