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Transform and Optimise Your SAP Applications

Today’s clients are looking to modernise their platform and infrastructure for their SAP instance through leveraging the latest technology options available, but most are not harnessing their full potential. Our application modernisation services can provide the full spectrum of maintenance needs from advisory to hosting including cloud services and migrations to the cloud, as well as support services, leveraging the latest SAP software and technology advances to increase flexibility and reduce overall costs.

Our end-to-end services include advisory services, cloud strategy, migration, upgrade transformation and ongoing hosting and support. Whether you need a technical migration from SAP ECC to S4/HANA or performing existing platform upgrades, our proprietary toolsets can simplify and speed up the process resulting in reduced overall spend. For companies looking for a flexible infrastructure, we provide advisory service to provide the right cloud strategy, help you select the right cloud partner and migrate their on-premise solutions to their cloud partner of choice.

Key Benefits

Our end-to-end approach to modernisation will help you improve efficiency, increase availability and predictability and lower the cost of running your SAP applications.

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Art meets technology and AI meets innovation with SAP Leonardo. Let our expert SAP services help you foster transformation.


Offering Details

As a recognised leader in SAP services, we help clients succeed in application modernisation. Whether you’re looking to host in our own extensive data centres or help you migrate to a platform such as AWS or Azure, we can help you transform your cloud platform infrastructure for greater flexibility and scalability. Our cloud advisory help you select the right cloud provider, and we can help host migrations to the cloud including support services and post cloud migration. We can also help you create or

establish a more flexible infrastructure which can be sized to changing needs, which eventually reduces dependency on hardware and data centres. In addition, we help you intelligently plan, budget and manage your upgrade or migration to S4/HANA, dramatically reducing your remediation and testing effort during the upgrade execution phase. Our proprietary tools accomplish this in days, not months, and with no downtime or disruption to your SAP environment. And we can help you automate migration from ECC to S4/HANA using our migration factory. As your business evolves, through acquisitions,

divestures, or organic growth, your SAP core applications will inevitably require modifications to support your new models. We can provide support across both instance consolidation or company carve outs across the full spectrum of services. Our experienced consultants can not only provide advisory services to jointly develop the initial SAP Landscape Roadmap, but also implement the technical solution and support the full organisational change management transformation activities. Let’s start the conversation.