Offering Details

Our award-winning Automated Full-Time Equivalent (AFTE) robotic process automation tool will streamline work processes, reduce errors and boost scalability. Because the nature of outsourcing is changing, we can help you manage increasing costs and complexity.

Use employees more effectively by shifting them away from repetitive, labour-intensive tasks. Automation of processes help you complete these tasks quickly and consistently, which allows your employees to focus on business-critical activities.

Our innovative AFTE solution achieves automation with advanced methods and tools. These include automation solutions, an AFTE Command Centre, systems monitoring and automation services, and our Universal Test Automation Framework.

We have more than 30 years of insurance domain knowledge and can provide the skilled, cost-effective resources to support business initiatives that mean the most to you.

Key Benefits

Outsource key resources to meet new demands. We offer comprehensive end-to-end support, based on your business needs, that spans the entire operational spectrum.

  • New business support through improved case management, policy issuance and simplified underwriting
  • Policy maintenance, customer service, agency management, claims processing and financial services
  • Improvements in customer service by implementing in-force illustrations, self-service portals and call centres
  • Management of agencies including new business validation, agent portals, commission and debit balances
  • Financial services management including premium collections, suspense, account reconciliations, ComBill, escheatment
  • Reporting, daily balancing, complaint registers, extracts, policy statements, GAP, STAT improvement