The COVID-19 pandemic, combined with changing patient expectations and an increasing shift towards digital healthcare, has permanently changed the healthcare industry. That’s led to the rise of the Hospital at Home model, which enables patients to receive personalized care from healthcare providers in the comfort of their own homes.

NTT DATA’s Hospital at Home solution uses a simple and integrated digital platform that enables at-home care technologies to work seamlessly with a hospital. The solution provides three essential support functions: a command centre, acute rapid response, and clinical innovation. Our Home Care Command Centre, SMART Analytics, and industry leading integration enable healthcare providers to easily coordinate their operations and enhance their clinical monitoring capabilities.

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What is a Hospital at Home model?

This new model of healthcare maximizes revenue, improves medical outcomes, and increases satisfaction among both patients and clinicians.

However, it also comes with its unique set of challenges. From technological and financial issues to compliance and regulatory hurdles, there are many underlying technical and operational requirements for extending high-level care across a distributed network. How will you precisely staff, deliver, and monitor each patient? What happens if something goes wrong?

Our solution addresses those challenges and drives successful patient outcomes.

Key Benefits

  • Systems Integration Icon

    Command centre

    Acting as mission control, this function connects and supports patients and clinicians in the delivery of effective care.

  • Time-to-Value Icon

    Acute rapid response

    Collects and transmits data so care teams can provide acute, real-time remote care to improve patient outcomes.

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    Clinical Innovation

    Our solution interfaces with current platforms and applications while anticipating advanced technologies to drive deeper insights.

How do patients benefit from Hospital at Home?

Hospital at Home prioritizes patient comfort and convenience. Patients receiving care at home reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections and medication errors. They also have better access to personalized care, leading to improved recovery rates and overall health outcomes – and a reduction in healthcare costs.

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