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Take Control of Your Business With Next-Generation Intelligence

Data-driven decision-making is more critical than ever for provincial and territorial health care insurance plans. With blended funding models, including capitated arrangements and outcomes-based reimbursement models that are becoming the new normal, you need to capture and compare performance metrics across patient and provider populations to define payment structures and evaluate providers’ alignment with quality indicators. With our analytics solutions, you can move beyond traditional business intelligence and reporting by leveraging structured and unstructured data in a big data environment, making data and intelligence the center of everything.

You will benefit from advanced business intelligence and artificial intelligence-enabled analytic solutions that will help create a comprehensive approach in managing your populations’ needs. Our goal is to assist you with managing the complexities that exist in today’s healthcare environment in order to visualize and act upon your populations’ healthcare journey. We address the critical needs such as driving clinical excellence, improving outcomes, reducing costs, and delivering quality services through our business intelligence and analytics solutions to help you succeed. Together, we will turn data into insights that will help you innovate, transform and support improved patient experience, population health, improved clinician experience, and reduce costs.

Empowerment Through Analytics

Our approach is to empower you through business intelligence and analytics to take control of your data to drive decision-making. With the ever-changing dynamics of healthcare, the leaders of tomorrow will have analytics as a core competency in their organisation.


Enable data-driven decision making for actionable insights and new ways of improving population health outcomes


Support value-based care with a meaningful convergence of clinical, economic, and social determinants of health data


Break down silos in the healthcare delivery chain by leveraging data science and technology

Our Services

AI-Driven Predictive Analytics

Interpret and act on complex data sets with our cognitive engine that utilizes machine learning techniques to generate powerful insights faster and more cost-effectively.


Gain insight and understanding of the continually evolving nature of analytics in the healthcare marketplace from our experienced industry experts.

Data Integration

Execute real-time data integration on a multi-tenant platform that supports cloud-to-cloud, BPaaS-to-SaaS, cloud-to-on-premises, on-premises-to-on-premises and B2B integration.

Data Warehousing & Big Data

Improve decision making, automate data management processes and break down data silos through our modular enterprise-wide analytics platform, on premise or in the cloud.

Medical Cost Management Analysis & Consulting

Uncover the root cause of unanticipated medical cost increases while enhancing the health plan/provider relationship and facilitating value-based care.

Quality Metrics Monitoring (HEDIS/Stars)

Drive provider collaboration by defining a member- level roadmap for actionable intervention across the healthcare journey and keep members engaged in their care continuum.

Transformation Blueprint

Develop a strategic blueprint to move your organization upwards on the maturity curve by assessing the current and future state for your analytics environment.

We deliver solutions that build core analytic competencies to foster innovation and growth.

Business Intelligence & Analytics for Health Plans