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Our Mission and Goals

Our mission is to achieve awareness and actioning from NTT DATA employees to reduce our environmental footprint through dialogue, education and collective action.

Community Impact: Implement projects and initiatives that drive sustainable behaviours within the communities where we live and work.
Employee Engagement: Provide a forum for the expression of positive values and ideas, which in turn create a greater sense of identity, belonging and purpose.
Foresight: Explore opportunities that produce savings to our business and/or reduce unnecessary resource consumption.

Recent Projects

With over 1000 members, we are the second largest Employee Resource Group and one of the fastest growing.

What does NEST do?

  • We raise awareness about Environmental and Sustainability challenges through periodic infographics, speaker events and our site.
  • We commemorate environmental dates and educate our members.
  • We provide recommendations and additional resources that help members see how they can create positive change.
  • We engage individuals through challenges that drive motivation to do more while having fun and sharing progress with others.
  • We share information on local events, and vendors of products or services, that have sustainable practices in the chapters available.
  • We showcase good things through spotlights on our members making a difference, the successful contributions of NTT DATA to our society and in the world.

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