When it comes to ocean full-container load transport, a shipper’s rate competitiveness and priority to a carrier is directly related to the number of containers an organization controls and ships with that carrier.

As the ocean industry continues to change with mergers and acquisitions, limiting competition and leverage, smaller shippers are being left behind. With these developments, small to mid-sized shippers will continue to be slated at higher rates and receive less support from carriers.

We provide the market stability and leverage typically awarded only to large shippers, allowing your organization to remain competitive without the high costs typically associated with smaller levels of ocean transport and without the need to change your current processes.

By partnering with our Ocean Buying Group, you gain access to market intelligence and pricing typically reserved for major shippers, regardless of your organization's size or shipment quantity. That allows you to minimize risks and avoid additional fees, with no GRI or PSS, and know that your rates are truly best in class.

Benefits of the Ocean Buying Group include:

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    Marketplace leverage

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    Category management with visibility through business analytics

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    Contract Management

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    Shipment milestones with track and trace capability

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    Risk management

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    Strategic partnerships