Our medical cost optimization offering delivers customized solutions to our clients by defining key medical policy strategies, analyzing medical spend using in-house tools, and leveraging data driven insights. We work with you  to evaluate the effectiveness of higher-cost medical procedures in achieving reduced overall costs and improved patient care.

Key features and capabilities

  • Data-driven insights that inform business decision-making and support faster response times to acuity of care outliers through preventative measures
  • Process Enhancements that reduce improper adherence through improved workflows, enabling health plans to operate across a transparent and administratively simple ecosystem
  • Tailored transformation approach to each individual client situation, showcasing the platform and tools that facilitate an enhanced data ecosystem addressing existing inadequacies
  • Enhanced operational visibility through process benchmarking, providing insight into areas of high medical spend, improper configuration, and a holistic view of medical policy operations
  • Thorough documentation supplied by the project playbook to accelerate platform integration and manage the transition to the desired future state

Our Services