Offering Details

Our highly technical AWS certified engineers and architects have migrated hundreds of workloads to AWS to create a strategic, prioritised roadmap for success based on an enterprise’s business, technology and regulatory requirements and goals. We design

and build AWS foundations that can securely receive migrated workloads. We automate infrastructure and cloud configuration management to achieve operational excellence, deliver greater system confidence with less risk, giving your team more time. Our AWS

migration services establish patterns to safely and quickly migrate applications and workloads with different needs. While providing key AWS services, tools and automation process knowledge for application migration and ongoing systems management.

NTT DATA earned the AWS Migration Competency, which demonstrates our expertise in migration workloads to AWS. – November 2020

Key Benefits

We help enterprises achieve AWS benefits. Whether an application is modern, legacy or somewhere in between, it can benefit from AWS reliability, scalability and availability.

  • Speed the migration process with trusted advisors and cloud-native services
  • Grow agility and system confidence with DevOps and security best practices
  • Strengthen productivity at optimised cost to positively affect business outcomes with IT modernisation
  • Maintain consistent adherence to security, compliance and governance requirements
  • Provide insights to business leaders on application usage for better decision making

See why cloud transformation for AWS helps you avoid costly missteps that can lead to security risks, systems that can't scale and other inefficiencies.

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