Offering Details

Our content strategy and delivery services help you understand you`r audiences, so you can reach them with targeted content via the best channels at the right time. Industry-focused platforms and technology help you build the foundation to accurately integrate systems and data involved in content delivery, while proper targeting and distribution helps you connect your audience segments to the content most relevant to their needs during the customer journey via the right channels.

Management and governance aligns your content workflow, standards and authoring strategy to ensure successful consistent content delivery and continuous improvement helps you measure the effectiveness of your content with real-time analytics and content and channel optimisation. Sitecore and HP Exstream Centres of Excellence prove deep expertise around leading content management solutions. Next, we offer insight segmentation and analytics. Capitalise on opportunity by increasing revenue via cross-sell and up-sell opportunities,

reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. Our omni-channel user experience delivery is all about flexibly reaching customers, policyholder and agents via any channel and delivering a consistently great user experience — with more value and targeted content to each individual at each touch point. Provide a first-rate user experience is one of the most effective means of retaining and cross-selling to existing customers, as well as acquiring new ones.

According to Gartner, by 2018, organisations that have fully invested in all types of online personalisation will outsell companies that have not by more than 30%. — May 2015

Key Benefits

Employ digital solutions for an immersive digital experience that builds loyalty and boosts revenue, and creates the experience your customers have come to expect.

  • Agents and customers connect on their own terms via portals and omnichannel distribution
  • Internet of Things creates value-added services and stronger client relationships
  • Connect your audience segments to the content most relevant to the customer journey
  • Align governance to your content workflow, standards and authoring strategy