Offering Details

Our digital transformation services begin with bank application testing. Your applications constantly impact customer lifestyles. If not done with precision, they could lead to a laundry list of issues, the most severe of which are security threats. We help you reduce exposure to critical defects within your IT platform and achieve faster time to market while improving the acceptance of your applications with core payments systems and banking application testing services. Our financial services industry consultants specialize in independent verification as well as validating the technical aspects and functionality of

complex applications. And we use proven solution accelerators and test frameworks to create testing scripts in less time. Our multiple global delivery centres provide testing services through flexible engagement models, resulting in significant cost efficiencies for your organization. We can also help with functional testing in accordance with an application’s functional specifications and on-functional testing, such as load bearing capacity, security, business continuity, usability and accessibility. Next, we can help you implement mobile banking solutions that meet your business needs while ensuring data security. Our mobile application

services you develop customized mobile applications for your banking customers, implement an application strategy for bring-your-own-device or extend your channel reach. Finally, our Digital Maturity Model (DMM) is a unique and comprehensive framework that maps your bank’s current digital channel state and helps you devise a customized action plan. A pillar of our Digital 2.0 approach, the DMM places banks in one of five levels, depending on their integration of digital technologies: physical, online, self-service, connected and digital.

Digital adoption leads to better customer service and stronger brand loyalty.

Key Benefits

From mobile banking solutions to application testing and modernization, we can help you create and transform your digital resources to unleash innovation.

  • Legacy modernization and new technology adoption
  • Access to services no matter where your customers are
  • Analytics and social media insight for informed decision making
  • Company and customer data security for peace of mind