Customer-Centric Banking

Put the focus on customers, not products

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Leverage Product Management, Pricing and Rewards

Our team of consultants can help your bank become more customer-centric and product-focused by supporting your adoption of a strategic approach to product management and pricing. We can move these functions from your core banking applications and systems and integrate them into your business channels while leveraging initiatives such as point-based rewards programmes and relationship-based pricing models to attract and retain new customers.

Our customer-centric banking services can also help you measure which product lines are performing better due to rewards programmes, determine which programmes should be discontinued, optimise the impact of customer-centric initiatives on customer behaviour and retention, establish the optimal price point to retain customers while maintaining profitability, and verify whether rewards programmes resonate with customers and entice them to do more business with you.

We help you with specialised problem solving, customer experience and channels practice.

Key Benefits

From enterprise billing to pan-bank rewards to online catalogue redemption services, we help you laser-focus on your customers and win in a tightly regulated environment.

Offering Details

Put the focus on you customers and meet changing expectations by leveraging our industry know-how. Our enterprise billing solutions create deeper engagement and increased loyalty with wholesale and retail banking customers, and also address a sophisticated pricing structure that can potentially overwhelm manual processes, leading to costly operations and loss of fees. We help you mine your customer analytics

to optimise the impact of your customer-centric initiatives. Our variable, relationship-based pricing solutions drive stronger customer relationships with flexible enterprise billing. And you’ll address the changing compliance and auditability required by regulations. Likewise, our pan-bank rewards and loyalty offers will help strengthen customer relationships. We help you adopt the most effective strategies

to communicate with customers through their chosen media, encourage a broad range of positive behaviours and build relationships over pushing products. Our solutions will align to your business objectives, build successful targeted campaign and generate meaningful feedback through targeted promotions. Finally, you will reinforce customer behaviour with high-value reward redemption