Using AI & Robotics for the Greater Good

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AI & Robotics

Adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics is at the forefront of hyper-innovation, as these technologies support both organizations and ecosystems to help boost top- and bottom-line outcomes.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn about the influence and future of innovation driven by AI and robotics technology.

  • The immense potential of AI and robotics
  • Real-world cases on how emerging technologies are contributing to society
  • Steps corporations must take to benefit from new technologies

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Theresa Kushner Headshot

Theresa Kushner

Senior Director, Data & Analytics Solutions

NTT DATA Services

Theresa is passionate about AI and data analysis and how it is applied to today’s business challenges. For over 25 years she has led companies in recognizing, managing and using the information or data that has exploded exponentially. Using her expertise in journalism, she co-authored two books on data and its role in business. She is a member of the Women in Big Data and AI Truth boards and was inducted into the Analytics Hall of Fame in 2019.

Thomas Normark Headshot

Thomas Normark

Director, Global Head of AI & Robotics

NTT DATA Business Solutions

Thomas is known as the Robot Whisperer and Father of Avatars. In his role, he has been involved in a wide number of AI projects all over the world, which gives him the ability to talk out of real experience instead of theory. Over the past years, Thomas has focused on replicating human behavior and appearance in technology and understanding the ethical aspects surrounding that goal.