Meet Remediation Timelines with a Proactive Approach

NTT DATA hosted “Meet Remediation Timelines with a Proactive Approach”, a webinar focusing on remediation timelines and risk management.



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Leaders will choose to face increased scrutiny in the global banking space one of two ways, reactively or proactively. Based on the current administration, organizations see an increase in the number of MRIAs, MRAs, SIAIs and Consent Orders requiring resolution.

Without a plan, meeting timelines to resolve these issues are often overwhelming, reactionary, and costly.

In this webinar, our experts share ways to get ahead of remediation efforts, transform threats into opportunities, optimize processes, and be more proactive in meeting regulatory mandates.

What You’ll Learn :

  • The fluctuating state of today's regulatory landscape and trends
  • Lessons learned on meeting regulatory and remediation timelines
  • Proactive approaches to addressing remediation issues

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