Improve Application Performance, Efficiency and Resiliency

Elevated user expectations, big data, IoT workloads and cloud technologies are all increasing demands on your hybrid infrastructure. Build a flexible business-aligned infrastructure with our proven software defined architecture and design and implementation expertise.

Our infrastructure experts implement modern compute, storage and networking environments with intelligent automation and analytics. Speed up application performance, handle new workloads with ease and improve agility and resiliency with our hybrid infrastructure implementation services.

Hilton boosts competitiveness by rebuilding its digital channels to support rapid innovation.


Our Services

Data Centre Setup & Expansion

Implement a flexible hybrid data centre aligned to your business needs.

Data Centre Migration

Seamlessly migrate your data centre with our proprietary transformation methodology.

Cloud Implementation

Shed legacy applications with full-stack, next-gen deployment and migration services using cloud-native tools and DevOps services.

Hybrid Infrastructure Automation

Reduce inefficiencies and outages by deploying best-in-class automation technologies.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Ensure availability and integrity of your critical systems and data.

Gain Control Without Sacrificing Speed­

Our Nucleus Cloud Management Platform reins in IT sprawl, increases transparency and creates a proactive approach to implementing control with a holistic intelligent integration platform.


Drive predictive and proactive operations with Hybrid Infrastructure Services, Powered by Nucleus.