Offering Details

Our Transformative Migration service helps organizations scale their cloud deployment enterprise-wide with experienced Agile DevOps teams who inventory and assess your applications to determine business requirements and ensure your applications provide

expected value gains. From growing software release cadences to reduced downtime with self-healing, we help you deliver higher quality products faster to customers with less operational risk. We automate infrastructure and application deployment, taking

advantage of cloud-native services. Our accelerators help to rapidly prototype customizable patterns, to create full-stack automated deployment pipelines to seamlessly migrate applications and data that promote a culture of innovation and experimentation.

We earned the Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization – February 2022

Key Benefits

Transformative Migration services activate the power and agility of cloud-native services to modernize existing applications and accelerate business outcomes.

  • Accelerate time to value of Microsoft Azure with automated application deployment
  • Maintain the flexibility to adjust to changing priorities with agile contracts
  • Enable modern operations that grow innovation and security
  • Reduce management and cost overhead, reallocating resources to drive innovation

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