Risk Management & Compliance

Balance business performance and ensure compliance while managing risk

Move Forward With Digitised Risk and Compliance Functions

As the world dives deeper into the digital era due to unprecedented circumstances, digital fraud is on the rise, and audits, risk mitigation and regulations have a new sense of urgency. Yet, legacy systems make it difficult to meet the ever-changing requirements. We help you prepare for the future of risk management in banking. Successful financial services and insurance firms respond to the challenge by modernising core systems and centralising business processes. Integrated and web-enabled systems deliver greater levels of network- and host-based security protection to ensure availability and ward off cyberthreats while delivering outstanding results.

Today’s changing market requires an experienced partner to address the changing risk and resiliency challenges. Since 2005, we have helped three of the four top tier banks in North America and over 100 global clients with their risk and resiliency issues. We’ve helped financial services and insurance companies become more digital and both implement compliance solutions and manage security services that improve their ability to address regulatory requirements. From anti-money laundering solutions to big data analysis and business intelligence, we can help resolve all your risk and compliance challenges.

We were named a Leader in the Everest Group BFS Risk and Compliance IT Services PEAK Matrix Assessment. – June 2020

Key Benefits

Our approach to improving compliance in a digitised world begins with implementing modern technologies that better enable you to meet regulatory requirements.

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An increase in almost everyone’s online presence has led to more targets for cybercriminals and online fraudsters. Money laundering is on the rise, too. Regulators and central banks have also increased their focus on new customer due diligence, screening and anti-money laundering investigation

to prevent terrorist financing, identity theft and financial fraud. A critical component of fraud prevention is customer onboarding or Know Your Customer (KYC). A secure, web-based solution, KYC Flow is available for both front- and back-office operations and designed for easy integration

with customer relationship management applications. The complete managed solution includes initial customer screening/due diligence, onboarding and alerts and reporting, as well as exception management and remediation, and a contact centre for ongoing support and data analytics.
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Reduce Risk and Know Your Customer

New risks associated with the current pandemic underscore the need for a successful client due diligence programme to protect banks and financial institutions. Our comprehensive white paper explores a changing regulatory landscape and strategies for success.


Risk Management & Compliance