Harnessing Digital Technologies for a Sustainable Future

This executive interview features speakers from NTT DATA and Microsoft discussing how your organization can harness data and analytics to help you improve efficiencies and make meaningful carbon footprint reductions for sustainability.

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Sustainability through Innovation

Three client stories from around the world illustrate how NTT DATA is helping clients deliver their sustainability goals. Learn how we enhance the sustainability of diverse manufacturing operations.

A Guided, Step-by-Step, Business-First Approach to Sustainability

NTT DATA aims to realize sustainability for the environment, economy and society. We assess your organization’s opportunities and risks by identifying business-first strategies across each of the following sustainability touch points:

  • Environment
  • Economy
  • Society

Regenerating ecosystems: Preserving the global environment

  • Carbon Neutral: Contribute to solving climate change issues by creating innovations to decarbonize society and clients.
  • Circular Economy: Reduce waste, and create a society where the value of products and services continues to circulate.
  • Nature Conservation: Generate a sound global environment, and contribute to people's well-being by conserving and recovering nature capital for the future.

Client growth: Companies achieving growth in ways that support a sustainable society

  • Smart X Co-Innovation: Create new value through co-creation with various companies to achieve a smart and innovative society.
  • Trusted Value Chain: Uphold data privacy and security to ensure safe, secure and resilient corporate activities.
  • Future of Work: New ways of working that enhance employee experience and performance. Provide and promote work style reforms for society as a whole.

Inclusive society: Achieving a society where everyone can live healthy and happy lives

  • Human Rights and DEI: Work to create an equitable society where a diverse range of people thrive and respect each other's human rights.
  • Digital Accessibility: Deliver services that provide everyone with equal access to basic needs and improve people's quality of life.
  • Community Engagement: Understand the challenges and needs for the development of local communities, and provide services that enrich people's lives.
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We, together with our clients, are contributing to shaping a sustainable society by creating value for the future and connecting diverse people through technology.

Yo Honma
President and Chief Executive Officer

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