UK Gender Pay Gap Statement

NTT DATA Services works globally to help businesses, organizations and government entities transform operations through digital technologies. Inclusion is one of our corporate priorities, and our immediate focus is on recruiting, retaining, and developing women across our business. Our support for gender equity is based on respect for basic human fairness, and it recognizes that gender equity correlates to better business results and is a key component in sustaining an inclusive culture. Pay equity is an important piece of ensuring all employees are fairly compensated and supported at NTT DATA.

For the 2022 data for our U.K. employees, the gender hourly pay gap is 14.2%, this increased from 11.9% in the previous year. The median hourly pay difference between women and men increased from the previous year's result to 17.2%. Increases are predominantly due to a significant reduction in headcount due to an account transition. When analyzed by grade level and work role, the differences are minimal and determined by length of service, time in role and/or skills required. When reviewing employees against internal pay ranges, women are predominantly positioned at the same or higher than men within the range for the specific job family and grade level.


NTT DATA Services rewards performance, and employees have equal opportunities to participate in incentive payment plans. Specific plans are determined by role and job grade. For our 2022 results, 81% of men and 69% of women received a bonus. Men received higher mean payouts of 33% more than their female counterparts and 30% more on the median. When comparing like for like incentive plans, women received a mean payout of 9% more than their male counterparts.


Across the IT industry in the U.K., women accounted for 22% of total employment.  The entire industry has work to do regarding gender parity, and NTT DATA Services is committed to increasing the percentage and success of women within our ranks. From the highest levels of the corporation, we promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as a business imperative.

Women account for 15% of the total population in NTT DATA in the U.K., this increased year over year mainly due to some business changes. The distribution of the population in the pay quartiles shows minimal changes as the majority are on a junior level. Comparing this with last year’s data we can see an increase in headcount for women in the upper quartiles.

Pay Quartiles


As part of our effort to effect positive change for women, NTT DATA supports the employee-led “Women Inspire NTT DATA (WIN)” which is our largest Employee Resource Group and has a global footprint. WIN provides opportunities for employees to nurture personal and professional development, support recruitment and retention of highly talented women, and promote and support DEI initiatives that recognize and respect the individuality of all NTT DATA employees.

DEI is core to the culture of NTT DATA and reflects our vision to foster creativity by respecting and embracing diversity. One way we support the achievement and sustainment of our DEI goals is through continuing education, awareness and practice through in-house training.

NTT DATA launched an Inclusion Intelligence certification program that helps team members understand the importance of modeling the values, actions and decision-making needed to sustain a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

You can find more information on U.K. gender pay gaps at:

“Diversity and inclusion are one of our top corporate priorities, and our commitment is illustrated by the small pay gap identified in the U.K. Even so, we have work to do, and we’re focused on recruitment efforts and support systems that will lead to a more gender-balanced workforce. We view this as both a moral and business imperative. Fairness is the right thing to do, and credible research proves that gender balance leads to better financial results, increased market share and greater innovation.”

— Julie Downing, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, NTT DATA Services, U.K.