WEBINAR: Design for Resilience: Foster Continued Preparedness

Events /WEBINAR: Design for Resilience: Foster Continued Preparedness

Resiliency isn’t just a new buzzword. It encompasses flexibility, preparedness, support and stability. What do organizations need to do – near and long term – to build and maintain a resilient structure that is able to withstand a future global market crisis?

In the third part of our five-part COVID-19 webinar series, three CTOs explore:

  • Planning for the near- and long-term scenarios in a new market
  • Creating new operation models to support today’s demands
  • Iterating scenarios in a run-time environment
  • Optimizing your environment by embedding resiliency into business operations

Also, if you missed them, listen to recordings of part 1 and 2 of our COVID-19 webinar series:

(1) 3 Ways to Redesign Your IT Strategy

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Tuesday, July 14 at 11:30 a.m. CT


Shay Alsahhar, Business Consulting Director

Shay Alsahhar is a business consulting director and chief technologist for NTT DATA Services. Focusing on bridging the gap between technology and humans through data and process improvement to drive efficiencies, Shay has successfully built and lead multiple teams that have significantly contributed to both bottom line growth and savings. As a thought leader, podcaster and certified high performance/executive coach, she constantly unlocks mindsets to understand their endless potential.

On Demand

Jeff Bergeron

Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

NTT DATA Services

Jeff Bergeron is a Senior Vice President & CTO for NTT DATA Services focused on delivering simplified automated digital solutions that will assist clients with formulating new business models, enabled through technology, to compete in the future. With more than 20 years of IT experience, Jeff is a recognized industry thought leadership, and his experience spans both public and private sector markets with a focus on simplifying complexities through automation.

NTT DATA Services Kris Fitzgerald

Kris Fitzgerald

Chief Technology Officer

NTT DATA Services

Kris Fitzgerald is CTO for NTT DATA Services focused on the company’s global Intelligent Automation technology strategy. In addition, Kris leads client innovation programs, leveraging NTT Group R&D and related investments to enhance service delivery and business outcomes for clients. Kris has more than 40 years of progressive experience in IT, spanning industries from retail to telecom, digital banking transfer to commercial and others.

Shamlan Siddiqi

Chief Technology Officer

NTT DATA Services

Shamlan Siddiqi is CTO for the Public Sector business unit of NTT DATA Services. Shamlan is a results-oriented leader with an extensive track record developing and leading the implementation of innovative solutions and strategies, as well as building and motivating high-performance teams. Previously, Shamlan successfully lead the Digital Experience Practice in both top line and bottom line growth year-over-year and against AOP.