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    As your environment complexity grows, so does the need for observability to ensure system health. Grafana and Prometheus are two popular open source choices to achieve observability of complex container environments, which has been made even easier to manage and maintain with Amazon Managed Grafana and Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus.

    Two co-workers pointing at diagnostic screens

    Learn how an enterprise telecom provider activated SRE metrics to gain greater visibility and achieve faster application feedback for increased customer satisfaction.

    Two workers manipulate 3D Automotive Image on screen

    A global automotive manufacturer built a secure platform for R&D in collaboration with independent researchers around the world. Learn how they built a secure lane for collaboration with infrastructure as code, observability and NTT DATA's Agile Delivery.

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    Is code bloat getting in the way of your innovation? A culture of continuous code abandonment can help. 

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    What is MLOps and how can it help you get beyond test phases of machine learning? Learn more and begin reaping the benefits of machine learning with this introduction to Machine Learning Ops.

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    Pairing the extreme automation capabilities and security functionality of the cloud with ongoing configuration compliance allows you to build out an automated ATO process that keeps you in continuous control. Learn how leading organizations achieve these goals with NTT DATA's Trust Acceleration Platform.

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    Implementing hybrid and multi-cloud environments across a large enterprise can be challenging. Start on the right path with these four steps.

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    What is an Agile Delivery | Agilist and how does it relate to Agile, Systems Thinking, DevOps and other Lean management approaches?

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    To effectively manage security, monitoring and governance, it's important to have the right microservices, containerization and container orchestration platform. Based on our experience with dozens of cloud-native projects, we recommend a platform with these four tiers.

    Good AWS Security Hygiene: Limit Risk With Security by Design

    DevOps aspirations of the last decade have evolved significantly, impacting DevOps in 2021. Learn how and why through the tale of two clients.

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    As more engineers use infrastructure as code (IaC), a guide is needed to determine the best approach to branch and deploy IaC repositories. Consider these four factors when selecting the best branching strategy for your IaC repositories.

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    MLOps can streamline the process of bringing ML models to production while reducing the cost and time of bringing new ML projects to market. Learn how with this dive into the ML lifecycle, ML models and implementation tools.

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    Supply chain attacks are an emerging threat. Strengthen your weakest link by using these seven tactics to reduce risk and minimize your supply chain attack surface.

    Glance & Its Installation | OpenStack's Image Service - Flux7 Blog

    Logging and monitoring legacy code can feel like a game of Whack-a-Mole with alerts popping up everywhere. Learn how to right-size your legacy log levels with these strategies.

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    Data is an integral part of machine learning (ML) and the ability to query and visualize data from different sources is critical. Read how NTT DATA helped one client create and implement a dashboard solution to get the most of their ML data.