The Changing Role of Modernization- A Business-Focused Approach

Blog /The-Changing-Role-of-Modernization- A-Business-Focused- Approach
Unlike previous methodologies for modernization, which focused almost exclusively on cost-reduction and technical issues, the new approach begins at the top of the organization with an analysis of business issues and user objectives, including ease of use, increased job efficiency and productivity, and cost control. These business drivers, together with an analysis of technical challenges, drive the optimum path for modernization. This approach is process-centric and tool-agnostic, following a pre-defined evolutionary roadmap for applications portfolios and the associated supporting infrastructure. Among the benefits it delivers are enhanced functionality, cost reduction, organizational agility, decreased time to market, enhanced business ROI, and risk mitigation.

New modernization techniques utilize best-of-breed accelerators, adaptors, and tools and leverage open source, cloud, outsourcing, and reusability of architectural components to support business processes. A successful initiative, therefore, should be delivered via an experienced cross-functional team comprised of enterprise architects, domain subject matter experts (SMEs), and technology SMEs working in a global environment. Modernization efforts usually can be self-funding since the reduction in costs for application and data center expenses typically offsets the costs of the program. This approach to modernization also builds organizational consensus and C-suite support, without which such efforts cannot succeed over the long term.

In short, today’s modernization programs are designed to optimize value, cost, and risk.

Date de la publication : 2014-09-08