A Fresh Look at Mobile User Interface Design

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When we think about mobile user interface design, we often picture an app and how it looks and functions.  Wearable technology brings a whole new mobile user interface design concept to the table. 


Those of us that love gadgets and technology always want the latest and greatest toy to play with.  For the masses, though, these wearables need to be something that fits in with their personalities, wardrobe, and lifestyle.  Wearing a wristband to count your steps is something that many of us do, but if you are dressing up for a formal event, how is that wristband going to fit in with the overall look?


I am starting to see that manufacturers are now designing jewelry to contain these wearable devices so that they are not visible to others and fit in with the user’s lifestyle.  This is an excellent example of putting the end user needs ahead of design and creating a usable interface that will encourage continued ongoing use.  What is the point of a wearable if you have times that you just don’t want to wear it?


Many people don’t want flashy technology standing out and grabbing attention that they could otherwise be getting themselves.  Others don’t want to stand out at all and would prefer to just blend in with the crowd.  No matter which way you look at it, there is a strong desire for consumers to have wearable technology that fits their personal style.


Whether you are designing an app, a piece of wearable technology, or handheld technology, you must think about the end user and his or her lifestyle.  Bendable smartphones and plastic armbands do not work for all users and can and will discourage their use.  By taking the end user into consideration first you will end up with a much more user-friendly and desirable product that is easy-to-use, and something that the end user will want close by at all times.



Date de la publication : 2014-11-14