Dynamic User Experience Connects Fans, Sponsors to Chip Ganassi Racing Team

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As I’ve stated in earlier blog posts, addressing User Experience is critical to the success of mobile applications. No matter what content you are offering, it can easily get lost in the navigation of a website, especially in a mobile environment. With the touch of a key, a user can go from totally engaged with your content, to totally lost on where to go next, and finally, to totally disengaged.

A recent example of a revamped User Experience was NTT DATA’s work with the Chip Ganassi Racing Team (CGRT). A well-known name in high-end motorsports racing, CGRT has participated in a number of high-profile racing events and collected more than 17 championships and 150 victories, making it not only a well-known brand but also capturing a large following of dedicated fans.  Despite the number of victories and fans, however, CGRT did not have dedicated location for fans to gain information about the brand, their events, to connect with its team, and to learn more about the cars and drivers.

Find out how NTT DATA helped CGRT launch a site that epitomizes the rich excitement and energy of their brand and successfully engages with their fans in this case study. I think you’ll see the difference a winning User Experience can make.

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Date de la publication : 2014-08-19