Global Threat Intelligence Report Released by NTT Group Security

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Great news!  On March 27, NTT Group Security released our 2014 Global Threat Intelligence Report.  We crunched through 3 billion attacks and performed deep technical analysis to thoughtfully organize 70 pages of the most relevant security content, statistics, empirical evidence, recommendations, and best practices.  The report represents NTT Group Security’s collective experience across 1,300 security experts, 16 Security Operations Centers, and 7 R&D centers.

Some take-aways…

  • “Good enough” basic security is enabling the threat actors to tune and automate attacks to maintain constant pressure on the perimeter of the organization until it is finally compromised.
  • “Good enough” needs to be replaced with “well executed” and “basic security” needs to serve as a strong foundation for “advanced capabilities” to meet this constant pressure.
  • Fighting back with traditional solutions is a failing strategy as attackers pour resources into circumvention, and skip over the defenses to exploit the more lightly defended interior.

The report goes into detail as to why and how security goes beyond geographical and organizational borders, why engaging your employees is vital, and why security needs built into your applications.

This could be useful for any IT professional, whether you are supporting traditional, virtualized or cloud infrastructure and applications.  With all the great case studies, graphics, and tables this report should take you a couple hours to read thoroughly, but it is definitely worth your time.  You can access the file here.  Let me know what you think by making adding a comment below!

Ryan Reed, Cloud Evangelist

Date de la publication : 2014-04-09