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Keep Your Data Secure, Compliant and Available

Is an outdated legacy infrastructure and limited budget making data-related tasks particularly challenging at your organisation? Consider our Data Storage, Protection and Management services. We can help protect and manage your organisation’s information, maximise data usability and reduce maintenance costs to align with business requirements. Built on a wide variety of storage options and backed by an innovative strategy, our managed services control data growth while ensuring it remains secure, compliant and available.

Our transformational managed engine for multivendor storage, data protection systems and enterprise database platforms enable a seamless transition to new infrastructure consumption models — from utility services to As-a-Service platforms. By implementing our services, you can consolidate, virtualise, converge and automate your data storage and data protection infrastructure. See how we can help you design and execute a successful data lifecycle management, storage and protection strategy to support your digital-enabled business.

Technology and Risky Business

How do you handle the fallout from data and customer privacy breaches? With technology advancement comes inevitable risk. Forward-thinking firms need to take bold, proactive steps to protect data, customers and the bottom line. Here’s what you need to know.


Our Services

Data Backup

Protect your data and your business with end-to-end 24x7 monitoring, management and support of your backup and archiving environments.

Data Centre Storage

Optimise your infrastructure usage and save time and money while enabling an always-on, high-performance storage solution.

Enterprise Database Management

Securely and continuously deliver data to business and end users with compete monitoring, lifecycle management of your enterprise database platforms.

Our portfolio includes managed transformational services for multi-vendor storage and data protection systems.