The employees at a chemical and manufacturing company get IT help with ease thanks to a newly designed, dynamic workspace.

tech lounge

The Scenario

Every employee relies on tech support when things go wrong—and downtime can add stress. For this company, the physical space dedicated to laptop and device issues was lackluster and outdated. By visualizing a new space, keeping end users up and running was front and center.

The Solution

Our experience design team started by interviewing users and creating journey maps and personas. From there, we helped define low-overhead, low-investment strategic solutions that can be implemented in multiple day one, day 30, and future state phases. Finally, a marketing and design guide (establish a strong brand for the tech lounge to let employees know what it means for them.

The Results

  • By implementing this three-phase guide, the company is rolling out its tech lounge locations
  • Once the lounges are set up, tech support’s crucial role will deliver an even better experience to the users who count on it

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