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Building mobile applications tailored to changing business needs

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Simplify Mobile Solutions

What can mobile applications do for you? Whether you are developing custom mobile applications for your enterprise, implementing an application strategy for bring your own device opportunities or extending your reach to mobile consumers, our mobility application services can help.You will maximise your reach to mobile users through platform and device selection, as well as the right development approach. You can deploy applications directly to employees or customers through enterprise and public application stores.

We can help you with search engine optimisation, so you get even more out of your applications. Our solutions offer single sign-on with Active Directory® and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol integration that can be deployed with or without mobile device management. See how we can help you take the complexity out of implementing mobility for your enterprise and create solutions that provide lasting value.

“They developed a pragmatic, three-phase digital transformation strategy for us. I appreciate their hands-on, practitioner-based approach.” — Manuel Perez, CIO, Grupo Acir