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In an era dictated by responsiveness to customers, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is fast becoming crucial for healthcare, insurance, financial services and commercial organisations. Our Robotic Process Automation services can help you increase efficiency, speed and accuracy of business processes. We partner with your organisation to program robotic assistants to perform repeatable, rules-based tasks, which can include cognitive functionalities such as self-healing, self-service and predictive analytics to handle more complex processes.

RPA can eliminate as much as 30 percent of labour requirements on most business processes with a high degree of accuracy. It can reduce processing costs, improve response time and enhance compliance. You can also monitor the performance through a real-time dashboard, or Command Centre. The result? Your staff will spend more quality time with their customers and understand their needs better, helping provide more relevant products and services.

Our Robotic Context Processor can read thousands of documents and perform prescribed actions in just minutes.


Everest Group calls us a Major Contender in its Business Process Services Delivery Automation, Service Provider Landscape PEAK Matrix™ Assessment. — July 2017

Key Benefits

Learn to use automation to improve business processes and productivity. We have proprietary toolsets and partner with niche vendors to provide services globally, allowing us to help you automate processes across platforms and industries.

Offering Details

Our award-winning Automated Full-Time Equivalent (AFTE) is an extension of business process automation, where automated script/process tools eliminate the need to hire staff for repetitive tasks. With 50+ cutting-edge technology tools and automation methods, we can help your organisation streamline work processes.

Using our configurable AFTE generators, we fast track development and deployment. And an established governance model supports business operations round-the-clock by monitoring the health of these AFTEs. This unique approach helps optimise capital expenditure, resulting in predictable operational expenses.

We also offer industry-focused solutions. Our RPA for Healthcare uses a proprietary process assessment tool to determine the right process candidates by assessing applicability, priority and types of automation required. These solutions accelerate your transformation journey while ensuring no disruption to existing technology environment or operations.

Likewise, our RPA Consulting for Mortgage can provide cutting-edge technologies to bring efficiency to the highest cost areas — personnel. Our industry expertise and experience providing RPA services for more than a decade helps you achieve the promise of automation.

Our vertical process-specific tools include automatic code finding and claim adjudication audit tools. Our process-agnostic tools feature web crawlers, batch download management system, optical/intelligent character recognition tools and automated workflows, real-time audit, reporting and knowledge management.

See how you can take advantage of our deep understanding of where to apply RPA and automation for maximum business benefits.

Our Automated Full-Time Equivalent won the Outsourcing Institute’s Good to Great Innovation Award. — December 2014