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Optimise your IT investments to support business growth

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Take your organisation from complex and costly IT operations to agile and optimised environments that better support business growth. Aided by advanced AI-driven tools and analytics, we deliver world-class SAP Managed Services so you can reduce TCO and focus on driving greater business value.

We manage, host and maintain enterprise applications across all deployment environments – on-premise, hosted and private, public, hybrid and multi-cloud. Whether you are interested in SAP hosting, HANA services or operational management of SAP applications, we can help.

Key Benefits

Our robust SAP Managed Services will help you scale, grow and innovate.

Offering Details

We serve more than 100 clients globally using both industry standards and our next generational tools like SLA manager, portfolio manager, incident navigator and knowledge manager. Our proven SAP methodology includes the best-in-class processes and proprietary tools that help reduce risk,

increase predictability and reduce down time. Services include expert management of SAP upgrades, implementations, maintenance and support. Our services leverage proprietary frameworks, tools and accelerators that help you navigate through the service optimisation process. We implement

automation, process standardisation, globalisation, knowledge management, run-book optimisation and effective resource management to help drive out costs. Any cost savings we discover frees you up to re-invest the dollars into portfolio rationalisation and/or modernisation.