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Leverage the Power of Salesforce

The rapidly changing environments generated by pandemic response have many organizations battling for relevance with their customers, partners and employees. With the pivot to 100% remote engagement, how do you remain indispensable to customers, build and maintain an engaged workforce or gain competitive advantage through your partners?

As a trusted global innovator, we can help you assess and build the critical new CX and CRM capabilities your organization needs. Work with our industry solutions, blueprints, cloud transformation capabilities and team of over 1,350 practitioners with 3,800 Salesforce certifications to achieve your business goals.

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A 360° View of Customers

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island improves customer service, increases business agility and saves money through the power of a Salesforce platform.


Helping Clients Win the Battle for Relevance

Whether you’re just starting a new implementation, updating it to meet changing needs or working to further integrate and extend it to your surrounding IT and business environment, we can help accelerate innovation and delivery scale on the world’s leading CX-CRM platforms.


Evaluate your indispensability to customers by leveraging a holistic set of Salesforce services and capabilities


Solve people, process, strategy and technology problems with our comprehensive tools and frameworks


Realize the benefits of your investments with the help of a specialized team of technology experts


Enable greater focus on customer delight while disciplined delivery methodologies cost-effectively operate your platforms


Leverage cross-industry expertise to optimize performance, and be prepared for the next inevitable disruption


Build a case for customer-centric transformation through our proprietary Customer Friction Factor service.


Our Services


Carry out your plan including migration, configuration, customisation, integration, change management and user training.


Maintain ongoing services to track, manage and upgrade application functionality. Scale in parallel with your business growth.

Strategy & Design

Leverage consulting services to assess scope for business improvement through enterprise applications.

NelsonHall named us a Leader in Salesforce Services in a comprehensive NEAT report. -January 2021

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Rapid COVID-19 Response

Time is of the essence in responding to this global pandemic, which is why we selected the flexible Salesforce platform for the City of Austin, allowing the municipality to take advantage of a secure, proven, cloud-based platform that can be rapidly configured to meet the city’s changing needs.


We have a team of over 1,350 practitioners with 3,800 Salesforce certifications.