Oracle Transformative Application Management

Reducing application run costs while enabling digital transformation

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Automation and Analytics-Driven Application Management

Each organization is unique in their digital transformation journey with a complex set of mission-critical business processes and applications. We have helped hundreds of enterprises transform and maintain their application management environment to help them lower costs, free up resources and respond more rapidly to evolving business needs.

Our Transformative Application Management provides a seamless and holistic approach that leverages analytics and automation to derive the greatest value from your investment. We utilize cutting-edge technology such as our enhanced tooling which leverages artificial intelligence to drive predictive analytics and automation.

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Key Benefits

Transformative Application Management delivers seamless and holistic solutions for cloud, custom, enterprise and legacy platforms.

Offering Details

Our Transformative Application Management solutions drive support efficiencies by utilizing automation and cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). While a human support team focuses on complex tasks, AIs perform routine tasks, which is known as Help the Human (HTH). AIs talk to and learn from each other, providing more and more value over

time as human staff effort shifts to complex and higher value work. We also provide enhanced tooling which is an AI-Driven automation & predictive analytics toolset combining AI and analytics in areas such as incidents, SLAs, knowledge management, portfolio and innovation. This ability to streamline day to day activities allows the organization to focus

on higher level activities. Our Application Management software development and operations (DevOps) utilizes adaptive tools and teams designed to support an entire IT Portfolio. No matter where you are in your digital transformation, we can help you leverage an Application Management DevOps model across the Application Lifecycle, which incorporates automation, analytics, and enhanced user experience.

Oracle Transformative Application Management